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I'm taking my last personal day from Oxfam today.

I leave Oxfam's full-time employment on Friday, March 10 at 5pm. Of course, there will be drinks at Foley's starting at 6pm that night. Please come and join the fun!

But today I'm practicising working at home.

This morning, I made sure I climbed out of bed early at 6.30am. I made tea, went on-line, picked up the New York Times and Boston Globe from the doorstep, paid the rent, and ate a nutritious breakfast of cereal and bananas.

Of course, I have not yet showered or changed out of my sweats.

Later this morning, I will be on-line answering questions about the Amnesty International USA "SHARE POWER" program. This afternoon, I will set up more meetings for Ko Bo Kyi, the Burmese former political prisoner who will be in Boston from March 11-18. I will also do last night's dishes and the food shopping. My goal is to have dinner on the table when Ann comes home around 7.30pm. Aren't I a good stay-at-home consultant husband?

Then comes my second volunteer work shift. I have a Sierra Club conference call at 7.30pm followed by an Amnesty conference call at 9pm that I'm chairing.

I can relax after 10pm. Daily Show and Colbert Report repeats at 11pm. Bed just before midnight.

I will not:

1. Watch any Angel or Buffy episodes on DVD
2. Spend an inordinate amount of time on LJ or blogs

Let's see if I can keep to my plan.

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