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I'm always happy to have an opportunity to quote Margaret Mead.

Check out the transcript from my on-line talk about Amnesty International USA's SHARE POWER campaign and Business and Human Rights program:

If you didn't submit anything for the talk, post a question to my Amnesty blog:

I only had one totally wacko question this time. Someone posted a long statement about how he was being persecuted by PepsiCo. Amnesty certainly attracts the schizos sometimes.
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You still have a chance to post a final question on the Amnesty International USA on-line Q&A on shareholder activism for human rights.

You can read the transcript here and post a question if you do it within the next hour or so:

I did the morning shift answering questions. There were only a few questions from clear wackos or people pimping their websites. I just deleted those although I did cheekily put in two links for my own Amnesty blog:

We had several questions this time from people in India and Cambodia. It was good to have a global audience.

My good friend and fellow Amnesty and Burma activist, Larry Dohrs, is finishing the session as Mr. Amnesty Ask Me.

Too bad for Larry that I cherry-picked almost all the best questions. To make up for that, I just posted him a softball question on the down-low to make it up to him.

Enough Amnesty work and LJ chat. I have a few family chores to complete, including shopping, cooking and last night's dishes.
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Ask Amnesty: SHARE POWER: Using Grassroots Shareholder Activism to Hold Corporations Accountable for Human Rights

All companies have a responsibility to respect human rights in their operations, but all too often they are contributing to human rights abuses – either directly or indirectly. You can hold corporations accountable - morally and legally - for violations within and connected to their operations. SHARE POWER is a new Amnesty campaign based on the idea that no matter who you are, where you work, where you study, or where you live, you can find your connection to multinational corporations, and use that connection to influence them to change.

Join Simon Billenness and Larry Dohrs, two longtime Amnesty volunteers and experts in shareholder activism, on Wednesday, March 1st to discuss SHARE POWER and learn how you can get involved in this campaign.

Submit a question in advance:

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