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Shea Mullaney, my friend and fellow member of Arlington Street Church, has a blog: "Soul Meets Blog."

I just found this out when I was browsing my blog's referrer log at Sitemeter. It turns out that Shea already blogrolled me without my knowledge.

I first met Shea at the church's Buddhist reading group. He's fairly well steeped in Buddhism and meditation. He's also written a book of poetry, "Follow the Wolf Moon." I bought the book directly from him. However I must confess that it currently lies in my pile of recently as yet unread fiction.

Shea is also much fun. I wish he'd make it to more of my parties.

I was very psyched when another friend and fellow congregant, Sara Davis, brought him as her guest to my wedding last May. At the wedding reception, he two of them sang "This Bed on Fire," a peppy pop song with wonderfully filthy lyrics, right in front of my parents.

Over the summer, Shea took over one of the Sunday services in his capacity as a member of the church worship committee. He organized a very pagan earth-centered service at the end of which he solemnly smudged volunteers, including me and Ann, with smouldering sage.

A few weeks later, when I was in Nevada with a group of Oxfam staff, I received the gift of small sheaf of sage from a Western Shoshone leader. Since it comes with good karma, I decided to give it to Shea.
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