Jul. 3rd, 2008

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Check the signatures of me and Ann on the ad "A Declaration for Our Times," in today's New York Times!

You can see the ad with its nearly 600 signatories here: http://constitutioncampaign.org/ad/ad.pdf

To quote the campaign:

"The declaration will help bring the administration's constitutional violations into focus. Just as importantly, it will promote the People's Campaign for the Constitution (PCC) as a means for people to act locally, within community coalitions, to hold incumbents and candidates for congressional seats accountable for the oaths they must take to defend the Constitution. Correcting the unbalanced concentration of executive branch power that this administration has amassed will be extremely challenging, no matter who wins the presidential election."

"We ask you to support this grassroots organizing and education campaign by bringing it to your community. With the Constitution on our side, we can reverse the freedom-robbing government actions and policies that are threatening our nation's future. Please sign the pledge for the People's Campaign for the Constitution if you have not already done so. Thank you again for supporting the declaration. We will mail you a copy of the ad with our thanks."

"Please forward widely."

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Address: 8 Bridge Street, Suite A, Northampton, MA 01060
Web: http://www.bordc.org
Email: info@bordc.org
Telephone: 413-582-0110
Fax: 413-582-0116
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A friend of mine just had her mother as her friend on Facebook. Quelle horreur! It is such a disturbing situation that she had post about it on LiveJournal.

I'm so glad that my mother has only just discovered email as of a few months ago.

This happened a few years ago to another friend of mine. She was in college at the time.

Her mother actually called her once to ask her whom she had just updated to "in a relationship."

I have an observation about parents and sex. First of all, our parents never had sex. It is just inconceivable that they did. If we have kids, they will of course never have sex. You have to take that on faith ignoring the origin of any grandchildren.

The only conclusion one can draw from this observation is that sex always skips a generation.

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